Environmental Policy 

We love planet earth and we want to keep it healthy & beautiful!

Packaging & the environment.

We aim to make the world a better place!

Since the conception of Empress Cosmetics, protecting the environment has been at the centre of everything that we do.

We designed our packaging so that it could easily be recycled.

Our glassware is recyclable and reusable (the colour is water-based).  Over the years our customers have found all sorts of ways to re-use our beautiful glassware. 

The lids of our products (with the exception of the spritzer tops) are all aluminium and can be recycled.

We re-use packaging (such as bubble wrap and boxes) for shipping out orders as much as possible.

We like to think that the more Empress Cosmetics products you buy, the more you help the environment. When we make more products here at Empress this means that more plants are planted in the world (improving air quality and our environment), more plants are grown organically (instead of chemically-treated), more plants are extracted traditionally (instead of using highly energy-dependent chemical extracts), more glass is used (instead of toxic plastic) and harmful by-products are not produced at all.