How to use our Products

                                                  A little goes a long way with Empress Products

Every ingredient we put into our beautiful products is high quality and has a therapeutic action on the skin. We do not use fillers (ingredients to ‘bulk out’ a product) or foaming agents. Because of this a little goes a long way with our products making them excellent value for money.

Face Creams: Our creams are rich and nourishing yet non-greasy when used the correct way. A common mistake that people make when trying our creams for the first time is to scoop out a large blob of cream and try to apply it to the skin (this is because people are often used to using creams that aren’t very moisturising so they have had to apply a lot of the product to feel like it has sufficiently covered the skin). Instead, with our moisturisers we recommend that you apply small dots to the forehead, cheeks, chin and neck and gently massage these into the skin. The cream is usually absorbed into the skin within a few minutes without leaving any greasy residue. With Empress creams and moisturisers, less is more!

Spritzers: These can be used as toners after cleansing the skin or used generally to freshen up. Usually toners are applied to the skin using cotton wool. This means that most of the toner is absorbed into the cotton wool, rather than going directly on to the skin. Instead at Empress Cosmetics we put our toners in spritzer bottles. The spray top allows the toner to be applied directly on to the skin. This reduces product wastage and means that a little goes a long way. Using two squirts of our spritzer is usually enough to apply to the face as a toner so this ensures they are excellent value. In fact, the atomiser squirts out such a tiny amount of toner that we struggled to measure it!

Cleansers: Pour a small amount of the cleansing oil into your hand. Gently massage on to skin. Wipe off using damp cotton wool or a damp face cloth. On average people use about  ½ ml or less of this cleansing oil per application. So if you use this amount and cleanse your face morning and evening then you use 1 ml daily. This means that a 50 ml bottle of cleanser is likely to last you about 50 days.