About Organic Ingredients

What does ‘Organic’ really mean?

The word organic is commonly used to refer to plants and animals that have been grown or fed using environmentally-friendly methods i.e. without the use of harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and artificial fertilisers. Simply put organic farming is the safest and healthiest method of farming for the land, the plants, the animals, us humans and planet earth as a whole. 

Unfortunately when it comes to cosmetics (unlike foods) there isn’t a legal standard for the use of the word ‘organic’. This means that many companies claim that their products are ‘organic’ without their products using truly organic ingredients (many of them have the audacity to make this claim even though their products contain mostly synthetic chemical ingredients!). 

To be sure that a product is genuinely organic, look for an organic certificate.

Are Empress Cosmetics Products Organic?

At present over 68% of our ingredients are certified organic and we are working towards 100% of our ingredients coming from certified organic sources. We expect to achieve this target later in 2014 and plan to apply for organic certification for our product range as soon as possible. Conservation of the environment and using the best quality ingredients possible are issues dear to our heart here at Empress Cosmetics so doing everything that we can to obtain organic certification is our top priority here just now.