Authentically Natural Ingredients: The Empress Cosmetics Guarantee

What does ‘natural’ really mean?

‘Natural’ is a much over-used and abused term when it comes to cosmetics (or even household cleaning products!). Like the term ‘organic’ unfortunately there isn’t a legal standard for what can be called natural. This leads to many companies deliberately misleading customers about their products by making claims that their products contain ‘natural extracts of…’ while really their product is composed mostly of synthetic chemical ingredients (many of which may actually be very harmful to health).

The Empress Cosmetic Standard of Natural

At Empress we only use 100% natural ingredients such as plant butters, oils, distilled waters and essential oils. As a preservative we use natural vitamin E (not synthetic vitamin E acetate): a substance that occurs naturally in plants such as avocado, almonds, wheatgerm etc. and is well-known for its beneficial properties for the skin. In fact, most of our ingredients are actually edible (although we do not recommend that you eat our products for two reasons: 1. the concentration of essential oils is too high for internal consumption; 2. we're quite confident that eating a jar of fragrant, waxy butter would be a fairly unpleasant experience!)

We prefer to keep our products fresh & natural and give them a best before date, instead of adding synthetic preservatives to extend the shelf-life. This means that our products are closer to food than they are to the synthetic artificial gloop that constitutes many of the cosmetic products that line the shelves of shops. And we also believe that this makes our cosmetics healthier and better than most other products on the market.